Meeting Protocol

All members have the power to suggest meeting agenda items via the BCCC listserv. Since there are members who cannot attend meetings, they can still be actively involved through partipicpation on the listserv.

The BCCC members have agreed on the following meeting procedures:

  • All members have a right to be heard. When one member has the floor, others listen without interrupting or carrying on side conversations.
  • All materials will be made accessible in alternative formats to accommodate those who cannot access print (or audio) media.
  • Those who cannot attend meetings can express their ideas via our listserv. Their ideas and opinions carry as much weight as do those members physically present at the meetings.
  • Meeting minutes are taken in detail and sent to the listserv after each meeting.
  • Because BCCC is an organization seeking to share power amongst all members, and since not all are able to attend every meeting, input is sought from every member via our listserv to receive a consensus.

This meeting protocol will be amended as desired by Beyond Compliance members.

Meetings are determined at the beginning of each semester taking individual schedules into account so that the most people possible can attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings. During the Fall 2013 semester, the group will meet in the Disability Cultural Center lounge (105 Hoople) every other Wednesday, at 11 AM.  Please see embedded Google Calendar calendar, below.)


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