The Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee is a nationally prominent advocacy group at Syracuse University which focuses on creating and supporting a fully inclusive climate in all University settings.

The BCCC takes an active role in advocating for changes in Syracuse University policies and practices, as well as higher education in general, including the recognition of disability as an element of diversity, University recognition and funding of the Disability Studies program, creating model accommodations exemplifying the University’s commitment to equality of opportunity for students with disabilities, and hiring faculty and staff members with disabilities within departments across the University.
The Committee also has contributed to the national discourse on disability. Several other universities have adopted BCCC’s model for advocacy. In addition, the committee actively publishes and presents at national and international conferences. In Fall 2009 the Committee’s work came up in conversation when the White House Task Force on Middle Class Families met at the University. The Committee invites you to further you to further explore its many activities through its website.

For further information, please contact:

bcccsyracuse [at] gmail.com

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